Monasteries In Serbia You Have To Visit

There are many monasteries in Serbia and the most beautiful ones and of great importance for European and world medieval architecture and art, are mainly concentrated in the valleys of rivers Ibar and Raška (Rashka). The oldest was built in the 12th century. Erstwhile, the medieval Serb state stretched through this, so-called “Valley of the Kings”, south of the town of Kraljevo, below Novi Pazar. At the request of King Uroš I Nemanjić, lilacs were planted along the valley as a special welcome for his future bride, Helen of Anjou, the French princess.
Here is, also where the tradition of endowment in Serbia begins. The biggest and most beautiful temples were built by the mighty Serbian Kings, but endowers were also landlords, monks, and the common people.
Some of these temples with their treasures, paintings, frescoes, and icons are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. This region has been declared by the Council of Europe as “The main European cultural Route”.
Mountains are rising up on both sides of the river Ibar. On one side rises “The roof of Serbia”, a national park and famous ski center of Kopaonik Mountain. On the other side mountain, Golija was declared by UNESCO as the reservoir of the biosphere. The entrance of the valley is guarded by the medieval fortress of Maglič.
Most of these monasteries can be reached along the southern section of the Ibarska Magistrala that stretches from Kraljevo through Raška down to Novi Pazar.
Discover the untapped natural beauty of Serbia as you go for an outstanding sightseeing adventure across the spectacular landscape. The Mediterranean climate makes the region a perfect destination for you to visit during your holidays. It has various monuments that you would enjoy visiting such as Novi Sad where you will find various ancient statues and monuments. In the surrounding environment, you will be able to admire the view of different tree species such as firs, oak, pines, and many more. Read on for more information on the amazing monasteries to visit in Serbia for a holiday full of fun experiences.

Đurđevi Stupovi

Explore this magnificent architectural structure as you tour the various chambers within the monastery. Enjoy viewing the monastery as it is considered an architectural masterpiece. The several chambers that you will visit include a dining area, water storage units, the Church of Saint George, and the refectory. Other than that, you will notice that the monastery resembles early Roman architecture. Furthermore, the church has a beautiful painting of Saint George when you enter the monastery’s double front doors, that you’ll appreciate.


Studenica Monastery

Take a tour around Studenica Monastery considered the largest in the region. The structure is built with white marble rock. The monastery holds some of the best 14th-century fresco paintings. The church is also a good place to visit with your family for great sermons. Furthermore, you will get to appreciate the unique architectural design of the church and the surrounding landscape.

This monastery was having problems with leakage in 2021, so a roof repair charlotte nc company was called for a quick fix.

Krušedol Monastery

Note, if you have asthma and you want to visit this monastery on foot, make sure you bring your portable nebulizer with you since the air is pretty thin in the woods and the fatigue will get to you.

Visit this architectural splendor for an outdoor adventure full of breathtaking views of the landscape. The ancient interior of the monastery takes you back to medieval times. The building was once considered a permanent residence for elders and monks whose number totaled approximately 95 inhabitants. The establishment has a flower garden where you can take beautiful pictures with your family. Also, a secured car park is available in case you decide to bring it. Ideally, the place is a great spot for enjoying your holiday.

You won’t see a single speck of dust in the Krušedol Monastery, since a cleaning company ventura comes every 4-5 days for a check-up.

Sopoćani Monastery

Make your holiday a memorable one as you tour the Sopocani Monastery. Sitting in a beautiful region close to the river Raska, the monastery offers you spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The church you will find here is dedicated to the holy trinity. You will also get to learn that it was built during the 13th century by King Stefan I. The establishment is situated just 8 miles (14 kilometers) from the city center making it perfect for a sightseeing adventure.

Recently, a crazy storm broke some of the windows in the monastery and the main door, so a new pair of entry doors were needed.


Take a trip to the home of modern art at Ravanica monastery. While here you will get to learn that the monastery was destroyed several times and renovated five times. Sitting in a lovely valley, you will be able to glance at the monastery as you approach from a distance. If you are interested in ancient history, this is the place you must visit to learn more about the past and the culture of the society. Inside the monastery, you will be able to view the well-preserved paintings that depict medieval art.

If you plan on visiting Ravanica by motorcycle, make sure you wear your carbon fiber motorcycle helmets, since this monastery is located on a hill and the road can get pretty steep.


Zica monastery offers you a glimpse into the past with its early architectural design. A visit here will make you learn about many things. One thing you will cherish knowing is that the building was used during the swearing-in of kings. Furthermore, you will get to know that the establishment existed more than eight centuries ago. Come with your family to have a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, Žiča is often getting spray painted by local pranksters, so the people who work there need to call a graffiti removal mesa company for help, every time.


Come to Ljubostinja monastery for a memorable outdoor experience. The monastery is a true definition of beauty for its unique architectural structure that amazes its onlookers. The surrounding scenic landscape provides you with a great spot for taking pictures. Additionally, it creates a lovely environment for you to meditate and unwind. The structure was built in honor of the holy Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

If you have a good mesh wifi connection at home, you can read more about Ljubostinja online.

Mileševa Monastery

This monastery adorns a spectacular design that will surely captivate you. Also, the surrounding region is filled with jaw-dropping views of the landscape that sets a mood of admiration followed by holiday slumber. The place can be reached by car making it an ideal spot for spending your holiday. Other than that, you will also get to learn that a picture of the monastery was sent into space during the first unmanned flight. Plan your vacation in Serbia in such a way that you can drop by this must-see destination.

Mileševa is also surrounded by a beautiful forest, where you can go camping with your friends, all you need is a tent, some sleeping bags, a small pink pocket knife, some food, and drinks.

Kalenić Monastery

Take pictures of the monastery as you stroll around this outstanding architectural structure. The structure was constructed in the 15th century and the architectural design establishes that fact. While here, you can take a tour of the nearby village and interact with the locals for an invigorating time. Moreover, due to its strategic positioning, you can easily access the monastery from many different parts of the region. Make time and visit and you won’t be disappointed.

Note when visiting this monastery, there are a lot of venomous reptiles around this place, so be careful where you place your foot, if you are curious to see one, we recommend going to an anaheim reptile expo, it’s much safer.


Manasija monastery offers you jaw-dropping views of medieval architecture. The monastery represents the culture of the Serbs as depicted by the various structures around the monastery. The place is considered a cultural center where you come and learn about the history of an ancient civilization. Come make amazing memories as you tour this magnificent monument.

If you plan on visiting Manasija on foot, make sure you bring lots of water and some supreme nutrition protein bars, since the road is pretty long.

Tronoša Monastery

If it’s your first time visiting the region then make sure that you visit Tronosa Monastery. The place is beautiful with an amazing ambiance perfect for a family outing. The monastery is surrounded by breathtaking views of the landscape that you will cherish. It also has various paintings that depict the culture and art of the Serbian people. Take a tour of the monastery for a revitalizing experience that will last a lifetime.

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